Paper, visual, and object theatre.

Creating a scene where paths cross


The Arriera Company arises from the conjoining of object and puppet theatre with different plastic
techniques around creation on paper: engraving, collage, pop-up, artist`s book, etc. Hence, the
interest in paper theatre. This interest becomes fascination when you start playing with these
objects that turn any space into a great theatre.


The mix, the collage, goes by definition in the direction that the company is following because
where paths intersect, new perspectives arise. Paper theatre is the central axis of the company`s
productions in which elements of other disciplines are included–music, song, magic, dance, and
circus–approached from contemporary languages.

The company is very interested in small and medium-sized pieces and its proposals seek
adaptability to the street and halls, and to unconventional exhibition spaces. Our pieces are
aimed at both children and adults. We like to view the big and small, and have one eye in the
telescope and another in the microscope.

We are moved by the creation of stories in which gender perspective and appreciation of
differences are related, because we have seen that among the stones on the road those that
are different are precious.


Those who come and go always anticipated a new encounter. We set out to where you are.


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