Discovering new worlds

The company`s pieces combine different stage disciplines and plastic techniques. Paper and object come together with the body and the word to find new places.


Café cantante Amargura

On Amargura street, which no longer exists, and is somewhere in Bilbao-La Vieja, San Francisco, and Zabala there is a singing café where stories from the Barrios Altos are heard.
You can hear copla, jazz, bolero, tango, the voices of miners, longshoreman, railway workers,cigar makers, artists, and the held breath of the circus.
In this singing café, you can also have a drink, but watch out, often pleasures and poisonshave a bitter taste.

A cabaret of paper and document theatre piece.


* Work selected by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government in Aid for the Production and distribution in 2019.



Good birds

Everything is in motion. The birds, the wind and the world itself move. However, some paths are prohibited for those who come and go.
This is the story of someone fleeing a destiny that he has not chosen and finds his wings on that path. Around him, everything that can fly pursues him. Perhaps only the circus, where even the law of gravity is questioned, can change this inertia.
A story in paper theatre about paths, voluntary or forced, of those looking for a better scenario for their own story.


EDEN is represented by a couple of operators of paradise, collectors of astonishing techniques, specialists in surprising devices. EDEN is an office for the creation of new worlds where orders for the design and manufacture of invented paradises are received.

EDEN is live creation. All possibilities are tested, noted in detail, scrutinised, poetically reviewed and placed on real or imaginary maps. The wonders of the world created on the street.

EDEN is an unspoken collage show that combines object theatre, multi-instrumental music, dance with masks, and live plastic creation. It is a creator of sensations where sight, sound, and smell intertwine with poetry. It is also a collection of street sights through which you can browse, because the only thing that is needed to thoroughly enjoy paradise is curiosity.

* Selected work from the 4th edition of Karrikan, platform for the promotion of street arts in Euskal Herria.

* Selected work by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government in Aid for the Production and distribution in 2020.


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